Artwork Scanning, Reproduction & Giclée Printing

Scanning and digitizing artwork can have numerous benefits from Archiving, Resizing & Reproduction, Enhancing, Postcard & Portfolio Presentations and Contest Submissions.


Having a sharp attractive photo of your artwork is beneficial in any portfolio and can also be used for promotional materials such as gallery invitations, postcards, posters, etc. We take great care in handling and photographing your art.

Kamalii web
Kamalii closeup
Kamalii giclee
Kamalii printer


Also we can digitally capture your artwork for high resolution, Giclée print reproduction. We use professional lighting and shooting techniques to capture every brush stroke of your work. Afterwards we consult with you about the true color representation and present you with a permanent file which you can have printed anytime.

We can visit your studio, set up our photography stage, process the photographs for color correction, compare the photos to the actual artworks on site and leave you with all the photograph files the same day in DVD/CD or other format of choice. We prepare your photograph files for printing, emailing, and web use. Average pricing is $25 per image depending on level of color refinements requested from artist. Minimum of 4 images per session and volume discounting available.

Additional services can also be arranged for multimedia presentations of your works such as contact sheets for contest or gallery submissions/applications, DVD slideshows, or PDF presentations. We can also advance your works to the internet with website solutions and setup.

Artwork courtesy of Carol Beebe, "Kamalii".




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